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Hi I'm Neesy!

At 265 lbs (120 kilos) with

* Type II Diabetes

* High Cholesterol

* High Blood Pressure

* Fatty Liver

* Gall Bladder Disease

* IBS 

and these are to name a few, my doctor reluctantly warned me that if I didn't change my lifestyle and lose the weight, I would most likely have a maximum of 5 years left to live.

At that moment, with tears running down my face, all I could think about was how would I leave my three children of 9-7-5 behind to a life of knowing their mom could have tried and she decided not to?


I knew I had to do something not only to be a role model for my children but also for myself! It was at that moment in the doctor's office that I CHOSE to change.

It wasn’t an easy road ahead- surrounding in my American food culture of amazing food and super-sized everything!- and I had to wake up every day and say to myself "I CAN DO THIS"! Today I am 110 lbs lighter but more importantly, I've kept it off and am now disease-free reversing all of my health issues and med-free! I have changed my fitness habits, my nutrition and my mindset. I choose happiness and I choose to make myself a priority, something I had not done very well in the past always putting everyone and everything ahead of my own needs. Now I can say I am my best health and a happier ME and yeah I lost those dreaded pounds and I never intend on finding them again!

Neesys Story

I'm currently living in Boston, USA, with my amazing husband and 3 wonderful children, (now all TEENAGERS!) I am blessed to be here seeing them grow every day and celebrate every year I have with them all, years I may not have had if I did not choose to change!


I was born and raised in the US as an American-Egyptian and spent 12 years in Egypt on an assignment where I married my now husband and started our beautiful family! After 23 years of corporate as a Senior Project Manager (Mechanical Engineering) working in various industries including NASA and biofuels projects, I decided when we moved to Basel, to change my career. I went back to school and received my Holistic Health Coaching certification from IIN (Integrative Institute of Nutrition in NYC) specializing in Hormonal Balance Health; Gut Health; and of course Weight Loss in order to help all women to achieve their best health and hopefully prevent them from hearing those dreaded words from their doctor. I had already experienced the stress of international moves, culture shock, loneliness, emotional eating, and so I decided to put my experiences together with my knowledge and certification to create Studio NEESY.


Now I'm putting power back in your hands so you can learn how to improve your health safely and forever!


I began fitness instructing in 2015 and coaching in 2017 and at the end of 2019 I opened the first Studio NEESY in Dreispitz and hired a fantastic team of like-minded and experienced women all seeking to help give and gain best health! Three year's later my family and I have moved again and I've opened the Studio NEESY Boston studio too. 


Can't wait to meet you whether in Boston, Basel or online as we have hundreds of clients all around the world who have already succeeded in their health journey!

Happiness is a choice. You have to wake up every day and say to yourself  I CAN DO THIS!

- Neesy Mohanna

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Studio NEESY Certifications

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