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If you're looking for a moment of relaxation or relieve for aching muscles after a powerful workout you've come to the right place! Starting with the back and wandering up to the head to clear your mind, or down to the feet for a more grounding experience - all rounded up by the scent of quality essential oils!

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Hi I'm Elena! 

Receiving a Massage has always given me a profound experience of relaxation. It is a moment to build up a healthy relationship with my body and mind, improving the awareness of it.

I am a trained Qi Gong instructor and I obtained my training as a Classical Massage Therapist at Bio-Medica Basel motivated by the desire to give back the same feeling I get while I receive the gift of a massage.


In my massage, I combine insights and experiences collected through the years of this journey. All body or partial, the treatment will be personalized to your needs!

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Choose your Massage


Come relax and rejuvenate with a massage providing a treatment that works the soft tissues and muscles to help restore health - creating a calming and balancing effect on the nervous system.

Through different techniques like stroking and gliding, kneading, rubbing, tapping, pounding and vibration, applied with softer or more energetic pressure,  the treatment will improve your blood circulation, soothe your muscles and ease the muscular strain, in addition to reducing emotional and physical stress. The massage will also help to keep ligaments and tendons supple and improve range of motion. Done on a regular basis, The classical massage will prepare your body for a better work out, reduce the risk of injuries, and contribute to your general well-being!

Classic Massage Prices:

Single Sessions

30 minutes: CHF 50

45 minutes: CHF 80

60 minutes: CHF 100

Packages (20% discount)

10 sessions x 30 minutes: CHF 400

10 sessions x 45 minutes: CHF 640

10 sessions x 60 minutes: CHF 880


Enhance the benefits of a classical massage with the use of essential oils that are inhaled and absorbed by the skin during the aroma massage. The active agents and the scent of the oils, which are extracted from flowers, leaves, fruits and roots of various plants, can affect the limbic system,  which is connected to the emotions, the heart rate, breathing, stress and hormone balance. 

Choose between a:

Calming, relaxing massage:

Chamomile, Lavender 

Decongesting massage:

Eucalyptus, Stone pine

Energizing, vitalizing massage:

Rosemary, Lemon 

Uplifting, mood balance massage:

Ylang-ylang, Neroli

Book an Aroma Massage:

Single Sessions

30 minutes: CHF 60

45 minutes: CHF 90

60 minutes: CHF 120

Packages (20% discount)

10 sessions x 30 minutes: CHF 480

10 sessions x 45 minutes: CHF 720

10 sessions x 60 minutes: CHF 960

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