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 Studio NEESY uses the 5 pillars of holistic health approach to equip you with the self-awareness to make the best decisions for yourself in any given circumstance. We believe that each person is fully capable of making well-informed decisions to become your very own expert, taking away the need to follow the latest magazine article or fad diet book.


In this Pillar we explore topics around Spirituality, Joy, and Creativity as we explore the aspects that lead to best Wellbeing for you.


Through our personalized and group coaching on developing your inner well-being, you'll learn how to create your Value System; creating joy and passions in your life so that you may find your purpose.


The old question of “What’s the Meaning of Life” may be cliché but it is at the heart of creating strong inner well-being and one person’s meaning isn’t the same as another’s. Having strong inner well-being will enhance your confidence and your outlook on life, and others, as you begin to realize that living your best most full-filled life is really about the choices you make based on a clear understanding of your values.



Nutrition is for everyone! Whether eating to maintain weight; to lose weight; to fight diseases; to build muscle mass; or to just be simply your best health, eating healthy helps everyone's quality of life! So learn how to not only eat healthy for you but also what best choices to make for safe and effective weight management. No magic pills and real food is all you need!


This is bio-individual nutritional guidance and personal coaching at its best! One person’s food is another person's poison so getting personalized nutritional coaching just makes sense!


We explore your current fitness level and discuss any conditions that may be limiting you. Whether inactive or extremely active, the fitness guidance you will receive is just for you to enable you to reach your goals! The trained NEESY coaches are there to help you see and feel the results with every class or private 1:1 coaching!

If you are sedentary and just need the help to get you kick-started into a routine that will keep you motivated and inspired or maybe you are training for a marathon and need to understand more about what it takes to be at your best?




Developing key skills on social behaviours and how to manage relationships is key to your life goals.

Whether family, friends, colleagues, or strangers do you have the communication and mindset skills needed for successful relationships? Home or work environments may differ in setting, but the behaviours have synergies. We work on how to recognize toxic relationships and knowing when it is a time to move on from relationships. We also look at how to attract positive people in your life to enhance your wellbeing.

Learn key strategies on how to improve your skills of understanding people and how to get the best results for your goals!



Whether career, career transition, education and qualifications, finances or fulfilling your life passion and purpose, the guidance you will receive will get you organized and on your way to real results so that you stop wishing and start getting the life you deserve.


The number one factor that stops most people from obtaining their dreams is fear to FAIL. So then let the experts and guidance get you from a FAIL to a success mindset through Finding Alternatives In Life using strategies such as fear setting... sometimes nothing is really stopping you but you.

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